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Hypebot Seeks Editorial Interns

Help-wantedHypebot is seeking editorial interns for 2012, who will focus primarily on the intersection of music and technology. These unpaid positions entail researching and writing features, as well as conducting interviews, which will be published on this blog.

Potential candidates should be passionately curious and be able to write very well. You should have a firm grasp of what’s being talked about in the music industry and related fields. The hours are flexible, but we would like you to devote 15-20 hours a week. Given that this internship is virtual, you can live anywhere and still be eligible. Yes, that means you could live in North Dakota.

All college majors are welcomed, but we prefer that you get credit. Graduates and entry-level employees may still apply, however, you’ll enter a learning program more akin to an apprenticeship, under an editor, than an internship.

Sadly, we lack a copy machine and coffee maker for you to master, so we hope you won’t mind that each internship will be tailored to your strengths.

Our goal is to help you build a body of thoughtful and ambitious writing in the short time that we’ll have together. What we offer, in addition to this, is a platform with an influential readership and the opportunity to reach them.

Many of our past interns have leveraged their position to make connections and land themselves influential roles in the music and technology industries.

This opportunity is open to anyone who exceeds our standards and wishes to seize it. Make no mistake, great work will be encouraged, but also expected.

To apply: Attach your resume and a writing sample to the email; tell us about yourself and why you’re applying; and tell us what you want to write about.

Contact: iamteamsidewinder(at)

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