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Indie Ticketing Platform Eventbrite Passes $1B Sales

image from t0.gstatic.comIndependent ticketing platform Eventbrite announced today that it has issued tickets and registrations totaling $1 billion in cumulative sales. The self-service ticketing platform that is available to artists, concert promoters and others; with some using the service for advance fan and vip ticketing.

“We are always excited to watch the gross ticket sales figures, because really those numbers measure the achievements of our customers,” said President and Co-Founder Julia Hartz.

Social sharing is built into the platform; and according to study by the company, on average, when an attendee shares event information on Facebook it generates an additional $2.52 in ticket sales. Last year, Eventbrite events were created in 170+ countries; and organizers have issued over 60 million tickets worldwide. Here's a lighthearted video that Eventbrite created to celebrate the milestone:

“When you look at gross ticket sales on Eventbrite, you see very exciting exponential growth,” explains CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Hartz. “In January of 2009, we were at $100 million. In December of 2010, we were at $400 million. Now, in the middle of 2012, with several international launches under our belt, and the At The Door mobile box office in the field, we’re celebrating $1 billion in our users’ success.” The top markets contributing to this $1 billion total are the Unites States, the UK, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

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