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Music Powers Top 2 YouTube Channels, 868 Million Views Monthly

image from upload.wikimedia.orgMusic – more than cats, stunts and sophomoric humor – drives YouTube, according to a new Nielson analysis. May was the first month that Nielsen reported streaming measurement on thousands of YouTube partners; and the top 5 five, led by music centered Vevo and Warner Music Group along with Machinima, combined for nearly 1.5 billion total streams.  THE STATS:

YouTube continues to be the top online video destination in the U.S. with over 136 million unique viewers who streamed 16 billion videos during May 2012.

YouTube Partner Channel     Unique Viewers (000)     Total Streams (000)

1. Vevo    41,362     694,907
2. WMG     22,894     172,985
3. Machinima     17,625     429,962
4. Fullscreen     12,484     79,761
5. Maker     9,655     93,588

Read as: During May 2012, 41.4 million unique U.S. viewers watched video content on Vevo
Source: Nielsen; Totals include content streaming only; it does not include claimed user-generated content

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