NEWS BRIEF: Amazon Cloud Deals, Ping Killed, ReDigi Retools, Gracenote, UMG Execs & More

FavVHRZAmazon getting cloud-music rights, may match iCloud – Amazon is close to wrapping up negotiations with music labels that should result in more features for the company's cloud music service, sources tell CNET.

  • Report: Apple’s Ping is dead with next iOS update (Digital Trends)
  • MP3 reseller ReDigi Launches Artist Syndication Program providing payments to artists and adds iTunes download sale option. 


  • Gracenote Acquires Bulldog United to Enhance its Smart TV A/V Tracking Platforms.
  • More Exec Changes @ UMG – Jessica Rivira is now SVP/Co-Head of East Coast Operations. Previously, she was VP/Creative, Urban Music, East Coast and Randall Abrahams has been appointed as managing director of Universal Music South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.
  • ShareMyPlaylist has revamped it's popular iOs and Spotify apps.
  • Why The Wanted Play Gay Clubs: Marketing, Music And The LGBT Community's Mainstream Music Clout (Billboard.biz)
  • James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond Implicated Himself in 1994 Tupac Shakur Attack: Court Testimony. (Village Voice)
  • The Sweet Taste Of Defeat: Band Must Pay Legal Fees For Frivolous Lawsuit Over One Used CD On eBay (Techdirt)
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