scoreAscore Connects Musicians With Commercial Licensing Opportunities

Scoreascore-logoA variety of music sites focused on creating a marketplace for low-cost music such as video and commercial scores now exist. Though many of the new entrants follow an open submission stock music approach, other services exist for crowdsourcing original music for commercial purposes. scoreAscore is one such service featuring the creation of original music.

Services such as Audiosocket's Storefront are being provided by a variety of video and other platforms. They tend to take a music library approach. Though scoreAscore does have a music library, its focus is on crowdsourcing original music for specific projects.

SKECHERS Men's Sport Commercial, Music Via scoreAscore

Jordan Passman launched scoreAscore in 2010. Here's the process:

"The client creates a free account, posts a description for what they want and their desired pay rate. They can also upload a video clip. The submission goes out to the composers who can create something for the client. If the client chooses one they like, they pay through the website — if not, the client is not charged."

With 175 composers it's not an overly crowded landscape and keeps a spec process from becoming an outright contest.

Works that are placed are also featured via Tumblr. They include a variety of web videos, commercials and websides scored by scoreAscore artists or sourced from their music library.

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