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Interview-With-WhoSampled.coms-FounderA new study published WhoSampled, a site that allows music fans to explore the “DNA” of their favorite songs, celebrates the artists and songs that helped define modern urban and electronic music. The London-based company has produced the study to celebrate thirty years of sample-based music, as well as the launch of its first smartphone app.

WhoSampled is a unique service that utilizes the world’s largest (and quite accurate) database of sampled music, cover songs and remixes to tell the user which samples were used or where that track has since been sampled, covered or remixed. Music fans can explore the roots and influences in their favorite songs by using steaming video from services such as YouTube and VEVO to compare works side by side.

Their new app scans your existing music collection, finds all the samples, covers and remixes, and compares those songs to the originals. It’s a fun way to discover new music by establishing unique musical connections to your favorite tracks and their influences, or as WhoSampled puts it, the “DNA” behind them. 

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“In an age of almost limitless choice, exploring the DNA of your favorite songs through related samples, covers and remixes is a great new way to discover music,” said WhoSampled Founder & CEO Nadav Poraz. “Music fans of all genres are fascinated by the connections in their own collections, and with WhoSampled any track can start a musical journey through multiple genres and decades – helping you to discover great new music and share those finds with your friends.”

While it is certainly debatable how influential any one single artist or track is to music, the number of times a track or artist has been sampled is definitely a good measure. WhoSampled’s report reveals, for the first time, the most sampled artists and tracks in musical history and a whole lot more including:

  • The Biggest Sampling Artists of all time
  • Cross-Genres: The influence of classical & rock in sample-based music
  • Unsung Heros: Ten artists you’ve heard, but never heard of
  • How Sample-Based Music Dominates the Charts
  • WhoSampled’s Five samples that changed music forever
  • A spotlight on James Brown, the undisputed godfather of modern music
  • A spotlight on The Winstons, the six-second drum solo that changed the world

Below is an infographic based on the report's findings:


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