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Amazon Takes On iTunes Match With Upgraded Cloud Player, Label Deals

image from www.google.comAmazon today launched an upgraded Cloud Player along with licensing agreements with Sony, EMI, Universal, Warner Music, and more than 150 independent distributors, aggregators and music publishers.  Aimed straight at the same market as iTunes Match, Amazon’s scan and match technology offers access to music anywhere, but on a wider variety of devices including the Kindle Fire, iPhone, Android devices and any web browser.

Free & Premium Tiers

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Indie Label Century Media Returns Catalog To Spotify

CenturySpotIn late 2011, heavy metal and hardcore label group Century Media pulled all its labels from Spotify in order to “protect the interests of their artists". Labels include Century Media and associated labels InsideOutMusic, Superballmusic, Ain't No Grave Records, Hollywood Waste and People Like You. Having initially cited “survival” as the primary reason for the pullout, Spotify's promotional value and fan sentiment have resulted in the label reversing its initial decision.

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The Real Cost Of Summer Concert Tickets [INFOGRAPHIC]

080827-img_5589-ol-wilcocrowdSummertime is here, which brings with it a slew of summer concerts and festivals to choose from. A common dilemma among summer concertgoers is deciding on which ones to attend, and the determining variable is oftentimes ticket price. As tickets prices continue to rise year after year, consumers must sift through their options and find out what they can really afford and find the best ways to do make it happen. We thought we’d share this infographic, created by Dashlane, which should make the process a bit easier. 

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Who Are The Best And Brightest Music Industry Minds On Twitter?

Must_follow_twitter_feedsHypebot is looking to compile a list of music industry professionals that are “required follows” for our readers, and we'd love your input. Like how Billboard listed their top music industry personnel to follow on Twitter, we thought we'd do something similar but more focused on the music tech community. We’re looking for the top innovators, industry leaders, and all around resourceful people who are worthy of following. 

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Music2text Provides Mobile Music Stores With No-Fee Options For Giveaways

image from t0.gstatic.comMusic2text is a fresh out of beta mobile service for music track and ringtone sales and distribution. The service is free for free content giveaways and otherwise priced at a flat rate. Though currently available only in the UK, Music2text has plans for the U.S. as well.

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Ptch Takes A More Shareable, Music Video Approach To Instagram

Screen shot 2012-07-30 at 11.56.59 PMEver since Instagram made it remarkably easy for everyday users to develop a photographer’s eye and create beautiful images with just their phones, mobile social imagery has been taken to a new level in user adoption. Recognizing this, DreamWorks Animation has assembled a small team to create an app called Ptch that lets people create music video animations of their photos, but in a new shareable way – by allowing users to open up their content so that others can use the imagery to create remixes and mash ups of their own.

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Cyber PR, ReverbNation Live Digital Press Conference

image from arielpublicity.comTHANKS FOR WATCHING! Today 3 - 8PM ET, more than 30 music journalists and bloggers will be interviewing and watching performances by 11 of Ariel Hyatt's Cyber PR and ReverbNation's clients (today's schedule) both at Ariel's NYC HQ and online. Today's event is a great example of both the creative use of free/inexpensive online tools to market music and the power of artists working together.  Watch live and share what you think:

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New Social Media Marketing Features: Rdio, Facebook, Stipple, YouTube, Tumblr

Rdio-playlist-artSocial media giants like Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr keep rolling out new features and other changes such as Facebook's new Photo Mosaic display or Tumblr's Pinned Posts. Rdio's playlist artwork options have marketing potential and Stipple debuts their photo tagging solution for marketing and monetization. Bonus news of a "Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet" for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest is included.

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U.S. Indies Blast Universal EMI Divesture Plan

image from www.google.comIn Europe, there are some cracks in the independent label community's unified resistance to the Universal's proposed purchase of EMI and the divestiture package offered to EU regulators. But in the U.S., where few if any UMG assets will sold off, indie labels appear united in opposition. American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) President Rich Bengloff’ issued this strong statement yesterday on Universal’s proposed European Commission concession package related to its proposed acquisition of EMI:

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Spotify Reveals Key User Stats (26% Now Pay), Launches Android Radio App

image from www.google.com(UPDATE 2) At today's Global Business Summit On Creative Content in London, Spotify revealed some new user stats. During the "The Future for the Music Industry" panel, Ken Parks, company CCO and Managing Director of Spotify NA, shared that the music streamer now has over 15 million active users and 4 million paying subscribers.

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UPDATED: Join Us At 3pm Today For A Digital Press Conference

image from arielpublicity.comUPDATED:  The action starts today at 3PM ET.  Wathc it live via Ustream here on Hypebot.com

We get genuinely excited at Hypebot every time that we see free and affordable technologies used creatively to promote music. We also believe that even in this do-it-yourself era, musicians need to remember that there is still strength in numbers. So when we saw that Ariel Hyatt's CyberPR and ReverbNation combined a major dose of both for a joint Digital Press Conference on Tuesday, it caught our eye. Here's how it's going to work:

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Matisyahu Creates Unique Fan Experience Utilizing Spotify's New 'Artist Apps'

Matisyahu_seeker-web02When Spotify announced their new artist apps, they seemingly opened up a whole new can of worms for artists and fans, but especially for digital marketers. With these new apps, artists and their teams have complete creative control over the experience they’d like to provide by giving the apps their own unique feel and function – all while utilizing the Spotify platform and community. Reggae and alternative rock musician Matisyahu is one artist that recently capitalized on Spotify’s artist app opportunity and created a unique fan experience that’s worth taking a look at.

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Social Media & Email Management For Musicians

Pp_aipGuest post by Brian Hazard of Passive Promotion and Color Theory.

Engaging with fans is fun and rewarding. It can also be an addictive time suck.

If you check your email, Facebook, and Twitter first thing in the morning, you’re doing it wrong!

Better to start your day creating something worth tweeting about. As a self-confessed productivity junkie, I’ve tried dozens of approaches. This one stuck.

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Major Labels Admit They're Not Sharing Any Pirate Bay Award Money With Artists

The_pirate_bay_logoWhen the prison sentences were made against The Pirate Bay defendants earlier this year, it was ordered that they would also have to pay €550,000 (approx $677,000) to several major labels including EMI, Universal Music, Sony Music and others. While the Swedish court had originally awarded the damages in order to compensate both artists and rightsholders, it has now been reported that artists will not be on the receiving end of any of that money. The reason? Labels are looking to have it allocated towards IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) in order to fund campaigns against piracy.

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The World's Richest Musicians [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from www.google.comMusic's superstars are no longer just relying on shrinking recorded music sales or touring revenue to make their millions. Bono's investment firm scored big on the Facebook IPO.  Mariah Carey just became the highest paid reality tv star ever. Justin Beiber is spreading his investments over many smaller music and social tech startups; while Justin Timberlake is focusing on rejuvenating MySpace. As music's revenue streams shift radically, who are the world's richest musicians?

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Tell My Friends vs. E-junkie: Can You End Piracy By Rewarding Music Buyers?

Ejunkie-logoTell My Friends is a recently launched social music and commerce platform that is designed to run a multilevel affiliate sales program for your music. It's an interesting idea that's being pitched as a way to combat music piracy by offering rewards to music buyers. But if rewards are the solution, then why not use a do-it-yourself service such as E-junkie?

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Maximizing Your Engagement - Dillon Francis Case Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

Avatars-000010629786-6fevk6-cropOver at CyberPR, Ariel Hyatt and crew are hoping to find out what drives long-term engagement by studying 20 different fan pages. From their research, Electronic producer, Dillon Francis, had fan engagement rates as high as 25.48% (compared to an average of 3.13%). So what makes his fan engagement rates so high? Check out the infographic by Katie Kernoodle on Music Think Tank to find out.

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Humble Music Bundle Brings Successful Game Sales Approach To Digital Music

image from www.google.comThe Humble Music Bundle is a bundle of digital albums by distinctive artists, such as Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot and Hitoshi Sakimoto, with pay-what-you-want pricing. It's being released by a group of game distributors who found great success with The Humble Bundle of high quality games with similar pricing.

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Full Text Of EMI CEO Roger Faxon's Leaked Memo On Universal EMI Deal

Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 11:20 AM
To: All EMI Music Staff Globally
Subject: Message from Roger Faxon

We certainly have been on quite a journey over the last couple of years. It has been 18 months since Citi took control of EMI, 14 months since Citi put EMI up for sale, 9 months since agreements were reached to sell each of EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing, and just one month since the ownership of EMI Music Publishing passed to the Sony consortium. And now we are moving toward the next milestone in that journey - the completion of the sale of EMI Music to UMG. The final step before that can happen is for UMG to work through with the anti-trust authorities any issues raised by the combination of EMI and UMG - and that work is well underway.

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REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review


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The Week In Music Commentary



The Week In Music Publishing 7.27.12

Music_publishing-scaled500Paul McCartney - and his holding company MPL Communications - is walking away from EMI Music Publishing. This week, Sir McCartney announced that Kobalt will henceforth handle administration and licensing of MPL Communications' catalog outside the US, Britain, and Ireland.

As Universal looks at ways to push through its purchase of EMI, there's talk that iconic record label Parlophone - home to The Beatles and Coldplay - could be put on the table for sale. Bertelsmann AG - who have a joint venture for BMG Rights Management - has emerged as a potential suitor.

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Tech N9ne And The Power Of A Base Of Superfans

KlusterfukI'm not a big fan of Tech N9ne's music but like so many in the industry who've been paying attention, he's had my respect for years. As co-founder of Strange Music, he supports his artists at a level that few can match. As a solo artist, he is a tireless workhorse that has earned the respect of many major artists in hip-hop. But most impressive of all is Tech N9ne's longterm connection to his fans that allowed him to drop the "Klusterfuck" EP without promotion beyond his website and an iTunes listing and have it debut at no. 1 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart.

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Bandsintown Updates App With New Social Features

BandsintownLogo5001Concert recommendation and notification application Bandsintown has released a new update to their Artist Platform making it easier for artists to promote their upcoming tour dates through the service. These include new social features pursuant to data gathered by the company that shows the impact of social media when it comes to tour date aggregation and how show information is consumed by fans.

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Hypebot Readers Get A Chance At A Free GigaTools Account

GigatoolsGigaTools is a useful tool for artists, labels and agents to list their upcoming gigs in multiple places at once, and the company is celebrating the launch of their new Facebook App by giving away 25 free “Single” accounts to Hypebot readers – a £24 (~$37) value. To qualify, simply send an email to hypebotcomp(at)gigatools(dot)com with your name, your artist name or the name of your band (or whom you represent), and link to your website or Facebook page.

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