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Can The Cloud Satisfy The Demands Of Bit Snobs?

Cloud_based_musicFor all the music fans that care about high quality audio, the cloud may not satisfy streaming audio demands. On Music Think Tank, Tom Dennehy explains what factors come into play when when using a streaming service and its effect on the listener experience. Do you prefer streaming or ownership? What can help improve the listener experience?

Bob Lefsetz on the listener experience of music streaming services:  

“Instead of soul, we have two-dimensional garbage.” (More on MTT)

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I love Rdio and having access to my collection anywhere but I dearly miss high quality audio. I want lossless files. I want it to sound like vinyl coming through my cell phone. Eventually technology will get there. For now, it presents a major gap in quality.
    Ironically I wrote a blog post on this very thing in 2010. Seems we’ve made little progress since then. For you’re reading pleasure, if you’re interested.

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