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Creative Music Tech: Passion Pit App EP, UBYK iBook & Pajama Club 3D Kinect Video

Passion-pit-gossamerMusicians, designers and directors are finding many creative ways to expand the musical experience. Passion Pit and Scott Snibbe Studio produced an interactive iOS App EP. UBYK and designer Kyle Valentic created an iBook for the iPad that also correlates with a treasure hunt. And Custom Logic and director Sam Peacocke used a Kinect camera and custom software to create interactive 3D music videos for Pajama Club.

All three are interesting projects that move beyond focusing on being "first to do something music-related with a new gadget or app" and into the realm of simply making great multimedia music tech art.

Passion Pit Check Out the Gossamer App

Passion Pit's Gossamer album and related goodies are due out this week including an interactive iOS app designed by Scott Snibbe Studio. The App EP features two songs:

"Each song can be experienced in two modes – one is an interactive music video, where the sequencing of graphics, animation, and photographs by Mark Borthwick are different every time. And if you touch the screen you make your own unique music video."

"The second mode for each song is a 'remixer' in which people can create their own music with Passion Pit’s raw material. For 'Take a Walk' people can create new melodies on top of a backing track, by creating a kind of harp-string spider web. In the remixer for 'Carried Away' all the parts of the song can be turned on and off via touch tiles."

Scott Snibbe Studio is also responsible for Bjork's Biophilia app album.


Dodger Studiom Gift Shop in UBYK's What Are The Odds? iBook

In February UBYK released an EP called The Odds. Last week they took the project to another level with the release of an iBook for the iPad created by graphic designer Kyle Valentic and UBYK's Roman Roze called "What Are The Odds?"

What Are The Odds? is a multi-layered project that includes a treasure hunt:

"Russian stacking dolls have been hidden throughout [LA's] Elysian Park. Using maps and pop-up hints provided in our new iBook, curious seekers receive clues to find the dolls. Locating any of the dolls affords you the ability to win unique UBYK gifts (including a free performance)."

Plus a bunch of interactive content:

"Enter Dodger Studiom where we recorded The Odds. Zoom in on instruments, collectibles, and other paraphernalia we used during production. View abstract photography shot in Elysian Park and album lyrics by Roman Roze. Hear audio commentary by Roze, guitarist Pelle Hillstrom, and bassist/vocalist Fox Fagan."

It even has a blog on Tumblr.

Demo of Interactive Video for Pajama Club's TNT For Two

Custom Logic and director Sam Peacocke created two 3D interactive music videos for Pajama Club. The project site features videos for the songs "TNT For Two" and "These Are Conditions."

Custom Logic's Jeff Nusz describes the project which included use of a Kinect camera and a variety of software:

"In 'TNT for Two,' you control the camera as the video cuts between shots of the band performing and a dreamy narrative journey from the sea to forest."

"In 'These Are Conditions,' things are a bit more unconventional. You, the viewer, have complete control of the scene. You can grab the drummer’s head and swap it for the bass player's as they're both still playing and singing. You can duplicate the keyboard players limbs a dozen times making a sea of arms writhing to the beat or create a penguin and re-scale it so it’s 100 metres tall."

Nusz was also involved with the V Motion Project (links below).

Full credits for the interactive TNT For Two video can be found on Vimeo.


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