Earbits Radio Redesigns, Teams With Topspin For Merch [Get 1 Month Of Topspin Free]

Castle Cruz MerchandiseFree indie music streamer Earbits is on the midst of a major site overhaul and announced a new partnership with Topspin. Now within the Earbits dashboard artists can add selected Topspin merchandise and dynamically display how many items are for sale with a link to browse merchandise. Several artists, like Catle Cruz (image to left) have already set up their Earbits/Topspin storefronts.

To celebrate,  Topspin is giving Earbits artists one month of their premium service free (use code: EARBITS).

Part of the Earbits business model is promoted spins, which for a small investment place d.i.y. artists music in the Earbits stream alongside similar but more established bands.  As an example Earbits CEO Joey Flores offered Daniel Whittington. "He turned $58 in Earbits airtime into $147 in name-your-price digital downloads on Bandcamp," according to Flores. 


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