1. Not really impressed with this at all.
    Desperate move from Spotify and probably a due diligence test case by Mark Z to see if Spotify is worth buying. Not that the current Spotify business model will ever stack up and return commercial value to its stake holders.
    Inside knowledge with technology companies at the forefront of digital music innovation and next gen solutions are working on creating better revenue models for artists, better music fan music experiences and better, less sensitive pricing that will attract both new demographics and more spend protecting and sustaining the creative industry value chain.
    Sorry, but Spotify is not the biggest or best music streaming service. There are others.
    Grooveshark is probably the biggest claiming to serve 3.5 Billion Page impressions per month. Psonar has a brand new (World First) payment model with their Pay Per Music Play and Viral Promote Service.
    However, I would say, the more integrated with social media platforms that music streaming and music technology services are – the better!

  2. Not really sure how this is a desperate move on Spotify’s part. It seems like a natural step, and the fact that it’s right next to the “like” button, instead of being one of the many tabs available to pages, makes it more convenient to listen through Spotify than platforms like Reverbnation or Bandpage.

  3. How can you compare a such shady company as Grooveshark to Spotify?
    Its not at all a desperate move, however its not any different from posting a link, so its wont do any difference…

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