INgrooves Fontana Partners With PledgeMusic For New Indie Label Direct-To-Fan Channel

image from www.google.comA few years ago, releases at a major music distributor funded by $10's and $20's from fans was almost unthinkable. Today, indie music distributor INgrooves Fontana added that option to their Client Console via a PledgeMusic partnership.  For Pledge, the deal means growth beyond crowd-sourcing to offer post-release retail and marketing.

PledgeMusic enables labels and artists to expand the life of a project by giving the most passionate fans access to purchase experiences and products even before it's recorded.  Recently Pleimage from www.google.comdgeMusic has attracted such established artists as Ben Folds Five, The Libertines and The Lumineers.

The combined resources of both companies could, they believe, help redefine the traditional record label marketing plan and album release strategy.  Both companies say they will work closely with labels on campaign conception and marketing execution.

Coheed and Cambria

One of the first projects under the deal is a new album by Coheed and Cambria.  The INgrooves Fontana/PledgeMusic campaign will launch later this summer, months before the traditional album street date.

“Our partnership will empower labels and their artists to connect with their fans as never before.  This deal should spark a new wave of excitement within the indie label community,” said the company’s founder and CEO Benji Rogers.

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