Is Music Your Hobby Or Your Profession? [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from www.google.comIs music your hobby or your profession? The new music industry and music tech may have given more artists a chance at success, but in many cases it hasn't yet provided the income streams. This infographic from Ditto Music offers a sobering look at digital music income streams for musicians.  

How Much Will I Get Paid From My Music?

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  1. “The new music industry and music tech may have given more artists a chance at success”
    One could argue the opposite. Social media and music tech has enabled everyone and their mama to “be a musician.” The market is flooded and there’s more people creating and distributing music than ever before. Maybe it all cancels out?

  2. Labels weren’t that bad except for a long-term licensing. You had a manager, a promoter who were sending your albums for reviews, were arranging interviews etc. Now you have no time for making music since it’s all bullshit about collecting numbers because they ‘speak’ for your on-line value so you sit on this damn Facebook or Twitter all day long getting burnout with no expected feedback. Or you need to beg for money on Kickstarter. You are told to give music away, when you spent several sleepless nights on correcting some tracks or writing arrangements. Little payment for musicians = lower quality of music and I’m not talking about the technical issues but its originality and unique value. A lot of musicians gave up with making music and got hired in IT business because they have bills to pay and life to live. This entire music industry needs to be reinvented with little focus on the final consumer this time.

  3. Out of curiosity, how much does a band get per play on radio compared with streaming services? Is it not more worthwhile comparing streaming with radio play considering many upcoming bands are far more likely to be streamed than to receive airplay, which essentially what streaming services provide.
    On another note, while the supply of bands/musicians has increased due to the likes of garageband and all the aforementioned online services, is there a case that the new rush of artists may not produce music as original and inspirational music as those who dedicated there lives to music before the internet came along? The point I’m making is that the number of people pursuing a career in music today may never even have dreamed of it in the pre-internet era.
    Also, is it not the case that musicians and bands have always struggled financially at the start of their careers and the internet takes the blame where promoters and record companies once did?

  4. The “Silver Conductor” here. First you have to decide how you as an artist are going to define what success in the new record industry is to you. Major label deals are far few and in between now. As an Independent Artist, YOU are your label, so learn ALL there is to know about how to become the success you want to be and to what level.
    Remember no matter what,you are going to have to put some work and lots of it social media speaking,from Twitter Youtube Facebook LinkedIn Blogs the entire social media spectrum.
    But unlike the majors, to turn a descent profit is not as demanding, that’s a good thing.
    In closing,
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  7. in no way does it devalue the music. True supply has risen, but you can’t deny that demand hasn’t either. We consume more than ever now. Besides, it’s childish to say the market in control of the hands of “a select few” was more democratic for everyone 🙂

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