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Karmaloop Teams With Twitter For Unique Tweet-To-Tee Campaign

Screen shot 2012-07-10 at 10.40.24 AMThe streetwear fashion site has been inspiring its Twitter fans to get creative and nominate tweets that deserve to be emblazoned on a t-shirt and sold as part of the company’s #TEE Collection. Karmaloop fans login and use their Twitter identity to nominate and vote for tweets that deserve to be printed on a t-shirt at the website

Grammy-nominated DJ Clinton Sparks, rapper Hospin, Freeway, and Chris Webby are some of the youth culture icons featured in the #TEE Collection, with their favorite tweets printed on t-shirts for fans to purchase. Fans nominate their own or someone else's 140-character or less statement by creating a tweet directly from Twitter using the #TEES hashtag, submitting a URL to a favorite tweet, or by conducting a tweet search.

"A lot of my fans have been asking for #GetFamiliar Tees," said Clinton Sparks. "This was the perfect opportunity to make it happen while giving them a chance to make their own #TEE."

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Every two weeks, tweets that get the top votes will be printed on a t-shirt and sold as part of the #TEES Collection, which also features work by Sparks, and Hopsin, Freeway, Chris Webby and more. The first two winners get a $1,000 gift certificate to shop

Karmaloop’s campaign is an excellent example of a brand understanding their fan base and providing them with ways to partake in the creative process. The company is well aware that the majority of their demographic resides on Twitter and recognizes that the activity levels on the social platform are high enough to see a successful launch of such a campaign. Fans find it genuine, as it remains consistent to the culture and embraces them to tell the brand what they’d like to see. Fan approval / curation typically leads to more sales, and certainly higher levels of interactivity.

Understanding where your fans reside online and how they interact within that community are just two of several critical elements to offering products that fans will be receptive to. Ensuring you remain consistent within the culture is right up there, so it is vital to keep your approach genuine, for you must be among them if you are to lead them.

Hisham Dahud is a Senior Analyst for Additionally, he is the head of Business Development for Fame House, LLC and an independent musician. Follow him on Twitter: @HishamDahud

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