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Music2text Provides Mobile Music Stores With No-Fee Options For Giveaways

image from t0.gstatic.comMusic2text is a fresh out of beta mobile service for music track and ringtone sales and distribution. The service is free for free content giveaways and otherwise priced at a flat rate. Though currently available only in the UK, Music2text has plans for the U.S. as well.

During their beta Music2text won multiple awards including the judges vote at MUSIC techpitch 4.5 and Best Pitch at Digital Shoreditch Capital Day. Now it's available to musicians and labels to distribute free or paid content such as ringtones and tracks.

Introducing Music2text

Music2text is free for content giveaways. Otherwise it costs 20 pounds (over $31) per track upload with you receiving 100% net revenue minus charges from mobile networks, the PRS (royalties) and payment processing (demos show a 60% return).

As described by Music2text, rightsholders:

"upload an MP3, with artwork, select a retail price and then choose a mobile keyword, which is the name of the track. A mobile music store that is bespoke to the artist is auto generated. [HTML5 and IOS friendly]"

"If a song is called ‘Love Me Do’ fans can text the word Love, Me or Do to 60444 to receive an SMS with a web link. Once clicked upon the mobile music store immediately opens. Tracks can then be streamed, downloaded, emailed or accessed by promo code by fans."

In addition to an extensive FAQ, Music2text offers short demo videos explaining the basics.  Perhaps its time for that great ringtone release of which you've always dreamed?

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