Spotify Reveals Key User Stats (26% Now Pay), Launches Android Radio App

image from 2) At today's Global Business Summit On Creative Content in London, Spotify revealed some new user stats. During the "The Future for the Music Industry" panel, Ken Parks, company CCO and Managing Director of Spotify NA, shared that the music streamer now has over 15 million active users and 4 million paying subscribers.

image from cf.scdn.coThat's a jump of 1 million users in a single month.  And helping to bring the company closer to profitability are improved subscriber numbers. Conversions to paid subscriptions had hovered closer to 20% than the newly revealed 26%+. Previous U.S. only stats  suggested more than three million American users, with roughly 20% of them paying subscribers.

Spotify also launched a free radio app for Android users today with a number of Pandora-like features. Details here.

Spotify launched in the U.S. just over a year ago and earlier this month shared this infographic of user states to celebrate their growth:

image from www.hypebot.comPrevious stats suggested more than three million U.S. users, with roughly 20% of them paying subscribers.

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