The World’s Richest Musicians [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from www.google.comMusic's superstars are no longer just relying on shrinking recorded music sales or touring revenue to make their millions. Bono's investment firm scored big on the Facebook IPO.  Mariah Carey just became the highest paid reality tv star ever. Justin Beiber is spreading his investments over many smaller music and social tech startups; while Justin Timberlake is focusing on rejuvenating MySpace. As music's revenue streams shift radically, who are the world's richest musicians?

image from www.mtvhive.com
Graphic courtesy of Bearshare via MTV Hive

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  1. Interesting but not surprising that half the people on this list owe their net worth to activities outside of being a musician – Diddy, Mariah, and JayZ are business executives (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Madonna and Paul McCartney are kinda biz-exec hybrids who have carefully leveraged merchandising / marketing of their properties, and Bono basically won the IPO lottery.
    It’s also enlightening to see that Sting is at about the same place as Mick & Keith. One can presume he allocated more of his portfolio to stocks and bonds and less to hookers and cocaine.
    – Tungsten Carbide / The Human Operators

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