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UPDATED: Join Us At 3pm Today For A Digital Press Conference

image from arielpublicity.comUPDATED:  The action starts today at 3PM ET.  Wathc it live via Ustream here on

We get genuinely excited at Hypebot every time that we see free and affordable technologies used creatively to promote music. We also believe that even in this do-it-yourself era, musicians need to remember that there is still strength in numbers. So when we saw that Ariel Hyatt's CyberPR and ReverbNation combined a major dose of both for a joint Digital Press Conference on Tuesday, it caught our eye. Here's how it's going to work:

Tuesday afternoon between 3 and 8PM ET, more than 30 music journalists and bloggers will be interviewing and watching performances by 11 Cyber PR clients. Some of the interviews will be done live from Ariel's NYC HQ and others will happen online.  Some top music tech startups are also attending.

With no offense intended to the artists participating tomorrow (October Project is actually a personal favorite), many of them are early in their careers and would have a very hard time attracting the attention of 30 writers. But put all of them in one place, offer the option of a digital or an in-person connection and they're likely to get media attention that they never would otherwise.

Check out the details hereYou'll be able to watch the entire event live on Hypebot via Ustream tomorrow.

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