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The Week In Music Publishing 7.15.12

Every New Release Has 22 Million Competitors, According To MediaNet

image from,000 Tracks Released Every Week

MediaNet, the platform that powers MOG, Songza, and many other music services announced that its catalog of music tracks now surpasses 22 million. If that's not a daunting enough statistic, the company says that it's catalog is growing by more than 100,000 tracks per week from thousands of music labels, distributors and aggregators around the world. That's a lot of competition.

Of course, not every one of the 100,000 tracks being ingested into the MediaNet system each week is a new releases. And the 22 million already there contain many that the audience never cared about or have forgotten.  But since MediaNet says they have the largest B2B rights-managed catalog of digital music in the world, these numbers provide a powerful reminder of just how daunting a task releasing new music is.

Many labels and marketers and an icreasing number of self-released artists are already aware of the odds facing each new release. Their answer is to work to build an audience months prior to any release, and plan for a very long campaign after.