2200 Musicians Share What They Think Of Facebook Timeline [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from www.google.comWhen Facebook switched all Pages to the Timeline layout, they removed the option to set apps as default landing pages. We wondered how musicians – many of whom were using apps like ReverbNation's Band Profile – felt about the change and how it impacted the things they cared most about. Namely fan engagement, music sharing, show attendance and "likes." So ReverbNation surveyed over 2200 of their users and asked them their opinions, twice: 30 days after the change and again at the 90 day mark. The following infographic shows the results:

FacebookTImelineInfographicFINALclick on image to enlarge

via ReverbNation

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  1. I guess it’s better than the original facebook page but i’m still feeling it out,so far so good,as long as you can still share music,videos,photos etc. it’s cool,it took me awhile and i finally joined and checked it out but getting use to it more,Emmett North Jr.

  2. It’s been a few months now and i’ve utilized the new ‘TimeLine’ on facebook and it’s made it easier to put all of your band info on one page bio,photos,music with more ways to connect to your multiple sites like twitter and other music and entertainment sites so i’m loving it,i would suggest other musicians,entertainers and people of the entertainment industry,i think they should check it out and link both their facebook pages if they have more than one facebook page like myself,sincerely & musically,Emmett North Jr.

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