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The Week In Music Publishing 8.31.12

image from www.google.comThe Piano Man is signing a sweet tune with the announcement of worldwide publishing agreement between Billy Joel and Universal (UMPG) / Rondor. The new deal will focus on licensing Joel's catalog, which hasn't often featured in TV, film or advertisements.


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Linkin Park Uses Fan Facebook Photos For Unique Interactive Music Video

Linkin+ParkIf there’s one thing that today’s digital and participatory culture has shown us, it’s that people flock to where they can have in on the fun and involve themselves in the content they are consuming. Recognizing this, famed California rockers Linkin Park have come out with a creative music video that puts fans and their Facebook friends right in the center of the video’s storyline.

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Grow Your Email List With YouTube Playlist Introductions

Fanbridge-logoFrom the FanBridge Blog, part of the Fan Marketing Institute. For weekly lessons like this via email sign up here.

Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you looking to collect emails from people who view your videos on YouTube? (9 out of 10 smart people say “yes!”) Most video creators like the idea of having a prompt to join their fan list as a part of their videos but you don’t want to go and add extra frames to each one, since this can be a big hassle with a lot of videos. Well, don’t sweat it! We have awesome news: YouTube just introduced intros and outros for video playlists.

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Grooveshark Android App Pulled By Google ...Again

image from www.google.comEarlier this week Grooveshark proudly announced: "After working closely with Google to get rogue apps removed, we're delighted that the official Grooveshark app has been reinstated in the Android market."  But as of today, the Grooveshark app has been once again removed from Google's app marketplace.

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Creative Music Videos: Father Tiger, Super Stereo Surf & Linkin Park

Linkin-park-lostMusic videos using social media combined with mobile and web technologies continue to break new and entertaining ground.  For a little Friday fun I present three music videos beginning with Father Tiger's "Shell" which uses over 5000 images processed through Instagram.

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VOTE: Should Musicians Leave Tunecore?

image from www.hypebot.comSince it's inception, Tunecore has paid more than $300 million directly to indie and d.i.y. musicians. So it was big news when co-founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells abruptly exited the company. In the weeks that followed, there has been no explanation or statement of future plans from Tunecore. Yesterday, Wells was the first to break the silence with an exclusive Hypebot interview. What do you think of the changes? Should artists pull out of Tunecore? VOTE HERE:

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$99 Lifetime iTunes & Amazon Distribution From Music Spray

20120825-0855005681With the fallout of Jeff Price and Peter Wells leaving TuneCore, the business practices behind digital distribution companies have certainly taken center stage in recent weeks, with many musicians now taking a closer look at whom they entrust their catalogs with. While a plethora of options still exist from familiar names like CD Baby, ReverbNation or Ditto Music – each with similar, yet uniquely different pricing structures – one South Korean startup is hoping to shake up the game by offering a distribution model not yet seen before.

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Upward Spiral Podcast #8: Music's Generation Gaps, Music Apps Communities & More

6a00d83451b36c69e2017617422f49970c-800wiHypebot presents the eighth episode of The Upward Spiral Podcast, an ongoing discussion of the new music industry featuring Kyle Bylin of Live Nation Labs (and former Hypebot Editor), music industry consultant Jason Spitz (Former Director of Marketing at Topspin), and Hypebot's Hisham Dahud (also of Fame House). They launched the podcast as a platform for conversations about the issues that face artists and music professionals.

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From The Beastie Boys To Bob Dylan: Video Tour Of Iconic NYC Album Cover Locations

image from ecx.images-amazon.comThe folks at Fuse.tv have produced a video tour of New Your City's album cover landmarks. From a Bob Dylan street scene to LL Cool J standing on top of his car infront of his high school and the real location of the Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique", it's a reminder that music and musical careers are often inspired by place.

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Tunaspot App Locates Spotify Playlists Via Foursquare

Tunaspot-logoGuest post by Eliot Van Buskirk of Evolver.fm.

Spotify has approved its first third-party app for the fascinating intersection of music and location: Tunaspot, which turns the sharing of location-based playlists into a virtual geo-caching game, wherein the dominant metaphor is that chicken of the sea, the mighty tuna fish.

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Enig'matik Records: Life As A Bandcamp-Only Label

Enigmatik-recordsEnig'matik Records is a Bandcamp-only label based out of Australia with a focus on electronic music.  The label puts out digital releases and organizes live events. It's a lightweight model that can't be described as truly unique but is a great example of how digital music distribution has opened up the possibilities for microlabels and related indie activity.

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Live Nation CEO Sees Concert Sales Growth

image from www.celebrityaccess.comDuring an interview with MSNBC, Live Nation's Michael Rapino discussed the signs of strength in this summer's concert season. Matching the tone set during the company's Q2 earnings call, Rapino stated that globally, things are shaping up to be a "strong year" with both Ticketmaster and Live Nation tracking year over growth of 5%. However, he was careful to add the qualifier 'global' into his remarks several times when referring to this perceived strength.


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Pandora Reports Growing Revenue, Listening & Losses

image from www.google.comPandora has released financial results that show strong growth failing to stem growing losses. For the second quarter of fiscal 2013, total revenue was $101.3 million, a 51% year‐over‐year increase. Ad revenue grew to $89.4 million, a 53% year‐over‐year increase. Subscription and other revenue rose to $11.9 million, a 36% year‐over‐year increase. But Pandora is still far from profitable.

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Tunecore Co-Founder Peter Wells Speaks Out On Jeff Price Exit & Company's Seismic Shift [EXCLUSIVE]

image from t3.gstatic.comIn May, co-founder Peter Wells exited TuneCore followed earlier this month by CEO and co-founder Jeff Price. Since then, the company has not named a successor, issued a statement or responded to inquires regarding these seismic changes to their executive team.  For the first time, one of the co-founders, Peter Wells, speaks out in an exclusive Hypebot interview.

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Global Digital Music Market Expected To Grow 15% Annually

Digital-MusicAccording to the global analyst firm Ovum, the global digital music market is expected to grow at 15% annually, reaching nearly $22.5 billion by 2017. Subscription services are said to be in large part responsible for the growing revenues, predicted to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46%, stemming from bundling partnerships with service providers.

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Track Kickstarter Campaign Progress With Kicktraq

Kicktraq-logoThough Kickstarter does provide a variety of stats and analytics for both the public and for project creators, tools for people wanting to track specific campaigns or to research and compare campaigns are relatively limited. Kicktraq is a useful campaign analytics tool that allows you to follow the progress of specific campaigns, including projections while a campaign is live, and to research finished campaigns.

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MTV Ups The Digital Ante For The 2012 VMAs

The-2012-mtv-vma-nominations-drake-rihanna-lead-with-5-nominations-each-HHS1987As MTV’s highly anticipated Video Music Awards draws closer (airing next Thursday 9/6 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles), the network has begun to focus deeply on individual platforms within the digital sphere, seeking to create a more unified experience among web and mobile users in hopes of having them be as much a part of the show as its participants. While the primary focus naturally rests within social media, MTV has seemingly pulled out all the stops to make this year’s VMAs the most interactive one ever.

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Music Tech Startup News: Songbird, StageBloc, Musicplayr, Limited Run, MusicHype, Artist Growth

Stagebloc-themeMusic tech startups stay busy all summer long while planning new projects for the fall. StageBloc, Musicplayr and Limited Run have been improving their services with plenty of upgrades. MusicHype launched a white label version of their fan platform. Fall events include artist promotion from Songbird and a concert series from Artist Growth.

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A Look Inside First 12 Hours Of Amanda Palmer's New Twitter Sales Campaign [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from www.google.comOn Monday evening, Amanda Palmer used Twitter e-commerce tool Chipify to sell a "Stop Pretending Art is Hard" t-shirt just 24 hours after she'd conceptualized it.  Two hours after launch, she was logging a $20 sale every 30 seconds. Chripify has now shared a graphic look inside Palmer's latest successful Twitter campaign:

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Cricket To Offer Muve Music Service Free With All Android Mobile Plans

image from www.google.comMobile provider Cricket Communications has decided to give its successful Muve Music service away for free. Beginning on September 2, Muve Music will be included in all Cricket Android rate plans. The new Android plans include unlimited nationwide talk, text, data and music starting at $50 per month. Including music in all rate plans is one component of several enhanced rate plans announced today.

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Grooveshark App Returns To Google's Android Market

image from www.google.comThe lawsuit with major labels continue and Apple has not returned the iOS app to iTunes, but Grooveshark has convinced Google to return it's Android app to the official marketplace, aparently by redesigning the app.  "Search, play, and discover millions of songs with Grooveshark's official app for Android," reads the description on Google. "We've remodeled the Grooveshark app from the foundation to make sure it fits the needs of the web's largest music community."   

Grooveshark sent this official statement:

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MusoMap: Google Maps Meets Twitter For Musicians

Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 10.43.04 AMThe ways that musicians seek out and find their creative collaborators have come a long way in the digital space. There now exist a number of sites that go well beyond Craigslist and focus specifically on connecting musicians, and each has its own unique value offering. One such site that made its way onto our radar is MusoMap, a cool and interactive Google Map that puts the focus on getting in touch with musicians far and wide and starting a conversation.

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