Amanda Palmer Sold A $20 T-Shirt Every 30 Seconds Last Night Using Chirpify + Twitter

image from www.google.comAmanda Palmer has done it again.  Last night, using Twitter e-commerce tool Chipify, Palmer began selling a $20 "Stop Pretending Art is Hard" t-shirt just 24 hours after she'd conceptualized it. Two hours after launch, she was logging a $20 sale
every 30 seconds. and this isn't the first time that Palmer has profited from a flash sale on Twitter.

image from www.google.comIn 2009, using her blog and Twitter, she conceived and sold $19,000 in "Friday Night Losers" t-shirts in just 10 hours.  “I hereby call THE LOSERS OF FRIDAY NIGHT ON THEIR COMPUTERS to ORDER, motherfucker,” Palmer tweeted her fans to launch that campaign. Ten hours later: " TOTAL MADE THIS MONTH USING TWITTER = $19,000. TOTAL MADE FROM 30,000 RECORD SALES = ABSOLUTELY NOTHING."

In 2009, buyers were sent to her blog and a traditional e-commerce setup. Last night's tweet linked fans directly to Chirpify: "we did it! Stop Pretending Art is Hard shirt is here for you! Reply "buy" for $20 via @Chirpify pic.twitter.com/4FZuz6Po". Chirpify charges artists a 4% commission in addition to PayPal fees.

Last night's campaign went viral so quickly that at one point Chirpify was the second most
mentioned Twitter handle, above Lady Gaga. Earlier this year, Palmer shattered the previous record for music on Kickstarter of $207,980 held by Five Iron Frenzy raising more than $1 million.

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  1. Just did the math… if only .1% of her 612,710 Twitter followers bought a shirt every 30 seconds, it would continue for five solid hours and raise over $12,000.
    What does this prove? I’m honestly not certain. If you’ve got more than half a million people listening to you, it’s easy to raise money? All I know is that she’ll probably put that money to much more effective use than a record label would.

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