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An 11th Simple Truth for a Delusional Music Industry

Jupiterbroadcasting-MusicStreamingRocksJN12511251For all those that are creating streaming music services, you may want to read this post by Tom Dennehy. In his post, Tom writes about things in the commercial software business that can be applicable to the music industry and the problem with listener-paid business models. Read the rest on Music Think Tank and see Tom’s 11th simple truth for a delusional music industry.

“Low-resolution streaming services are fine for social interaction and music discovery, but not nearly accurate enough for full-fidelity listening enjoyment.”

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  1. Not a complete picture painted here…
    Most indy musicians I know are good and struggle not with talent and practice but discovery.. and for that you need to ”hustle” and sell yourself (but not in a bad way, it’s talking with a lot of people online and making small talk which can then grow into more serious connections that eventually end up with them buying your art or recommending you to someone).

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