Creative Rewards For Music Crowdfunding Campaigns

Thank-youMusic crowdfunding campaigns are enhanced by creative rewards at different levels. Though an array of downloads and bundles probably covers most bases, your campaign can gain an edge with the addition of some creation options. Here are some idea generators to get you started from Indiegogo's #IndiegogoPerk to Kickstarter's $1 donations to Gigfunder's out-of-the-ordinary rewards.



Fantasy Reward Brainstorming

Indiegogo recently tweeted the above to encourage creative thinking in campaign rewards. Not all the responses tagged #IndiegogoPerk were outstanding but it did get me thinking about exceptional rewards.

Rewarding $1 Donations

Kickstarter posted about rewards for $1 donations including:

"The Great InDigest Exquisite Corpse: You’ll contribute one line to a story written collectively by other InDigest supporters that will be published in the next issue of InDigest."

Unique Rewards for Higher Pledges

For a Hypebot post about music concert crowdfunding site Gigfunder I shared the following unique rewards for higher pledges:

  • Cowgill – "you both can come on stage to contribute handclaps when we perform our song 'The King of Wales'"
  • Michael Shoup – "a House Show at YOUR HOUSE during the tour!"
  • Kat Parson – "skype cover session"
  • onelinedrawing – "You'll get to write the whole set list (as long as I can play the tunes)"
  • Dan Macauley – "Sing one song on stage with Dan!"
  • Oh No Oh My – "You and up to 3 other people will be personally wined and dined by the members of ONOM before the show when we're in your city."

Bonus: Pricing Awards

And if you're wondering how to price your rewards check out Indiegogo Insight: Perk Pricing Practices.

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