Despite Lawsuits, More Independent Labels & Artists Embrace Grooveshark

image from www.google.comControversial music streamer Grooveshark is locked in a nasty lawsuit with Universal Music and an ongoing dispute with EMI.  In fact, no major label has an official relationship with Grooveshark.  But despite these ongoing battles and widespread criticism, some independent artists and labels are embracing the platform and even finding success there.

Today Grooveshark announced that they had finalized deals with 10 mostly smaller independent labels: Paper + Plastick (Less Than Jake),  Warrior Records, 1320 Records, Bang Gang Records, Duckhead Green, Palaver Records, Amplifi Digital, Accendo Media, Dox Records, and Eponymous Entertainment.

And while many indie artists are critical of Grooveshark, others are jumping on board and gaining fans.  A recent case study by music marketers Fame House, showed that during a two month promotional partnership with Grooveshark, artist Billy Van added 140,000 YouTube views, 10,000 clicks on Grooveshark’s homepage, 8,000 additional clicks through to http://billyvandubstep.com, and 40,000 song streams.

What do you think?  Should artists and labels licence their music to Grooveshark?

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  1. No? Do you not want artists to get paid? This article states that labels and artists that partner with Grooveshark are getting paid per stream. Not only are they getting paid, they are getting exposure that they most likely would not get otherwise.

  2. None of this really matters. Now that Universal and 101 Distribution are partnered on the new streaming platform called Arena, everyone is going to be looking at a move away from all of the existing streaming services. Arena is paying $0.21 a stream and are expected to reach upwards of $0.43-$0.55 per stream.

  3. Max,
    Where exactly would we get “exposure”? Get you head out of you a$$. Revenue from the streaming models are unsustainable the only ones that make enough money to buy a double burger (with fries) are the Biebers,Gagas and the likes. Since we did a promo with Grooveshark out listener base multiplied by more than 25x . All indie artists support Grooveshark it is unfortunate that the music industry in controlled by a few people that don’t have OUR best interest in mind. We hope to make money touring.
    Thank you
    GG Records

  4. Why do the standard small indie band gets exposure?
    Payment pr stream is fine, but Grooveshark still get most of its traffic of all the illegal content it have on the platform…

  5. Adapt or die, at least the music is getting out there.Sorry being in a band is sooooo much work these days.

  6. $0.21 a stream? Where did you get this information? Unless the monthly fee is astronomical, I cannot see a streaming service paying out this much per song- it’s just not feasible.

  7. Grif,
    You would get exposure from the people all over the world using Grooveshark daily. Your listener base multiplying by more than 25x is exposure, you are the model that every artist should be looking to.

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