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Forget Your Business Model, What is Your Vision?

VisionTo survive in the long run, businesses need to have a vision. With the business of selling music CDs on the decline, you need to adapt your business to these changes without losing sight of your vision. Tom Dennehy talks about the closing of the Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe in Harlem and how the music industry can learn from this story on Music Think Tank. So, what is your vision?

Author Alistair MacLeod once said starting to write a story without a vision of its ending to guide him was like handing a cabdriver $20 and saying, “take me somewhere.”

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  1. My vision is to collaborate with painters, would block printers and video directors to have them pictorially represent my songs. Similarly, I would love to work with these artists to compose musical pieces or songs to represent their own work. This would be a super opportunity to combine creative mediums.

  2. These days, music is inevitability free. The largest artist in the world have mastered the use of free content in the marketing, and it has helped to propel the sale of paid-content. The question then becomes how can artist monetize free content? This can be done through the use of pre roll advertising; trading consumers for their time instead of their money, and earning from advertisers instead.

  3. Why has everyone given up and said – “Fine, noone’s going to pay for my music, let’s think of other ways to make money?”
    Madness. If I hear a brilliant artist I’ll generally buy the CD. No CD available, i’ll listen to the free downloads until one is avaialble.
    Just because the new tech companies want all our content for free forever doesn’t mean we have to give it to them. And customers/ listeners/ fans are willing to buy your music if it’s any good.
    Sorry, this is like the 4th article i’ve read where (i’m assuming) musicians have given up on getting paid, and the straw broke. Grow some balls and say no, you can’t have all of it for free.

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