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Jamplify Helps Musicians Identify & Reward Influential Fans

Jamplify-logo[Updated] Jamplify is a new music and media marketing platform that offers the ability to create artist accounts and track response to fans who share your music and related content. A combination of public recognition and rewards for your top fans encourages their involvement in spreading the word. Jamplify's unique offering is its ability to manage fan rewards and will require active involvement by bands to succeed.

Jamplify – Amplify Your Fanbase

Jamplify is an easy to use free service for identifying top fans in terms of their ability to share content. Rewards are given to those whose efforts lead to the most people checking out whatever it is you've featured on Jamplify.

For example Brinn Black is currently featuring "That Should Have Been Us," an audio track. Fans who've promoted the track via their social networks and blogs are given different levels of identity within the Jamplify system from Fan to Street Teamer to Promoter.

In addition, fans are noted for the number of points accumulated and the number of promoted clicks. Prizes for high level performance are called "Scratchbacks" and such rewards seem key to encouraging fans to participate.

The basic process for setting up accounts is easy enough and the final presentation on Jamplify has a solid streamlined look. Plans are in the works for a premium version that can be embedded on your website.

For Jamplify to be an effective tool for an indie band, the band and their team will have to commit to promoting its use. Though its designed for individual "Jampaigns", Jamplify's strength will be in whether or not it can meet the needs of ongoing fan recognition and reward.

Update: Jamplify is currently selecting up to 50 artists for one-on-one consulting on best use of Jamplify. CMO Moses Soyoola invites artists and managers to get in touch at

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  1. Moses, from Jamplify here. Thanks for the writeup Clyde.
    Artists and managers – please feel free to get in touch ( We can offer specific advice on best practices for setting up jampaigns.

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