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Music Tech Startup News: Songbird, StageBloc, Musicplayr, Limited Run, MusicHype, Artist Growth

Stagebloc-themeMusic tech startups stay busy all summer long while planning new projects for the fall. StageBloc, Musicplayr and Limited Run have been improving their services with plenty of upgrades. MusicHype launched a white label version of their fan platform. Fall events include artist promotion from Songbird and a concert series from Artist Growth.

Songbird Announces Artist Promotion Program

Songbird, which launched earlier this summer, recently announced the SB7 Artist Program:

"This fall, Songbird is looking for seven artists we will work with directly to amplify the connection to new fans! With over 750,000 artist-to-fan connections, Songbird will increase exposure to your music and the content you want to share with your current and future fans."

You've got until September 24th to apply.

StageBloc Spends the Summer Developing

StageBloc, a hybrid site creator and host, has been busy this summer with numerous upgrades announced on their blog including free custom domains and a snazzy new theme (click on above thumbnail).

Backend improvements include a new setup wizard and UX developments. And be sure to tell your designer friends they can now submit and sell themes on StageBloc.

Musicplayr's Been Busy Too

Musicplayr, a free web music player with playlists, has continued to improve their admirably simple music discovery site with useful tweaks. They include profile and playlist redesigns as well as fullscreen video viewing plus other improvements.

MusicHype Launches The Appreciation Engine

Hypebot supporter MusicHype, a superfan identification and interaction platform, recently launched The Appreciation Engine.

The new service is said to turn:

"MusicHype’s analytics platform into a white label platform aimed at brands and companies looking to identify and engage with their biggest brand ambassadors."

CMO Annabel Youens said they launched The Appreciation Engine after fielding interest from "festival organizers and companies in the media and entertainment space" who were impressed by MusicHype's service for musicians.

Limited Run Adds New Currency Support

Limited Run, which recently relaunched as a DIY ecommerce platform, now supports 21 currencies. Going global just keeps getting easier.

Artist Growth Biz App Launches Concert Series

Artist Growth, an impressive music self-management app that launched this year and then won Best Music App in MTV's O Music Awards, is launching a concert series.

Boosting Nashville, the "Celebrate the City" concert series kicks off September 28th featuring Reptar, Rubblebucket, and Cherub. The "monthly event will bring together touring artists and emerging acts alike to revel in music and culture of Nashville."

Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch) blogs about music crowdfunding at Crowdfunding For Musicians. To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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  1. Pumped about Artist Growth’s integration into Nashville’s live music scene. The company gets the importance of helping artists digitally via their app and through events like this in the real world. Plus, I’m a fan of all three bands, so I’m looking forward to hitting the show!

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