Onesheet Expands To Become LinkedIn For Music & Entertainment Industry

Tumblr_m988csiIxE1ql8frkOnesheet has announced today a major expansion for their artist
profiles. While the current pages are simple, easy to set up and automatically
managed to pull in content from all over the web, the company feels they can
work better as a professional profile – a place where LinkedIn may fall short
for musicians and where artists can be professionally represented and

This new Onesheet will be a place for musicians to list the
projects they’ve worked on, the people that represent them, and the things they’re
good at. It will be a place for other entertainment professionals to endorse,
follow and contact musicians, while keeping up with what other colleagues are
working on.

“We want to give you something to be proud of,” Onesheet said in a
blog post
today. “We want to help your career grow not by building your fan
base, but by building your reputation.”

Onesheet has listed some of the new features including:

  • Highlighted Media – Users can pick the video or audio that shows them off best and add
    it to the top of their new Onesheet.
  • Press  Users can now add the URL
    for the article that’s been written about them and Onesheet pulls in the title,
    blurb, and image.
  • Endorsements – Users can now ask people they’ve worked with
    to visibly endorse them.
  • Tags – Add what skills you have, what instruments you play, etc.
  • Privacy – Password protection on any new project Onesheet,
    meaning if you have a new single, movie, album, or other project that you want
    to share with people, you can build a Onesheet for it and only allow access to
    those that should have it.
  • Content from the Web – Like the old Onesheet, pages stay up to date with content from
    other sites.
  • Projects (Coming Soon) – Add entire filmographies or discographies.
  • Representation (Coming Soon) – List your manager, agent,
    publicist, etc.

While Onesheet
rolls out these new profiles, current Onesheet page users will be able to
continue using their “old” profiles, but under the new name of “Onesheet Splash
Pages.” The Pro tier and free tier will be combined, while Splash Pages
will be a premium product offered at a yearly subscription price of $60/year.
Recognizing that this could be a big change for some users, all existing
Onesheet Splash Pages will stay active for the next 60 days and users
can keep using the product for free while deciding if it’s worth paying for.

“We are
offering deep discounts to existing users,” the company said. “If you activate
your yearly subscription in August, you lock in the next year for just
$10. That’s the entire year for $10,
which is over 80% less than Pro users are paying now. If you sign
up in September, you save 50% and get the next year for $30. After that, you
get the normal $60/year price.”

Onesheet founder Brenden Mulligan tells Hypebot
that they are aiming to serve as a LinkedIn for the entertainment industry, and that this is just the first of many new features coming to the new Onesheet.

Hisham Dahud is a Senior Analyst for Hypebot.com. Additionally, he is the head of Business Development for Fame House and an independent musician. Follow him on Twitter: @HishamDahud

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  1. “FREE websites for ALL bands is our mission! All musicians deserve this!”
    “ahem.. excuse me sir, but that didn’t work. nobody would pay for the pro sites and we are running out of money.”
    “Well, can we start charging all the free users then?”
    “Yes, but we have to ‘pivot’ the business, as they say, so that it looks like we have found a better mission than the first one.”
    “Ok, let’s do that then, what have you got?”
    “Well, LinkedIn is one of the only recent IPOs that hasn’t gotten slaughtered.”
    “Yes… I see. Sounds perfect…” “LinkedIn for musicians is what we are all about! Free websites are now for losers.”

  2. the idea of LinkedIn for the music biz is not the worst idea. now social networks are just spamming tools on a high performance level.
    my experience is that rss/blogs and email are the only tools who connect people on a substantial level.
    best wolfgang

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