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OUYA Console Crowdfunds $6.7 Million Plus, Cuts Deals With VEVO & iHeartRadio

OuyaOUYA, a game console in development, has raised over $6.7 million in funding via Kickstarter. OUYA is an Android console for one's tv with music content as part of the mix. Music-related deals include agreements with both VEVO and iHeartRadio. Though it's just a beginning, the possibility of OUYA becoming an important music platform is certainly worth considering.

OUYA Kickstarter Pitch

The OUYA Kickstarter campaign is staggering successful and there are still a couple of days to go. They reached their initial goal of $950,000 in less than 9 hours and have since raised over $6.7 million in pledges.

OUYA is an Android game console designed for your tv by the team at fuseproject. But it's relevance to music goes beyond the omnipresence of music and audio content in games. OUYA can also be a platform for music videos and streaming audio.

As OUYA climbed the crowdfunding ladder, they also announced a series of deals including a partnership with VEVO to bring music videos to the platform

iHeartRadio is also establishing a presence on OUYA. Additional game-related deals suggest that OUYA is off to a strong start across the board in both content and market demand. It will be interesting to see what other music deals happen.

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  1. Being that the console is fully hackable, when I get mine, I’m removing all the ridiculous streaming services and media functions, so that all it does is what I bought it for– playing games. If I wanted a media center, I have my PS3, and I also have a desktop computer hooked up to my 48” TV and surround sound.

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