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Sellbox And Sellfy Provide New D2F Ecommerce Options For Musicians

SellboxNumerous D2F ecommerce options now exist for musicians who want more control or more connection directly to fans. A recent wave of lightweight ecommerce options offer flexibility for musicians handling a limited or unique range of digital content. Additional entrants now include Sellbox, a third party ecommerce layer for Dropbox, and the Sellfy storefront that includes mobile checkout and an integrated affiliate program.

Sellbox Adds Ecommerce to Dropbox

For musicians already using Dropbox for free music and press downloads adding an ecommerce layer may be a logical next step. Sellbox is a new service designed to provide that layer.

According to Justin Lee:

"After connecting their Dropbox account, users select the files they want to sell, then set a file name and price. Sellers can share their files on Twitter or Facebook or via a shortened link, and buyers can pay for the files via PayPal. When a file is sold, the seller gets 91 percent of the sale and Sellbox keeps the remaining nine percent."

Sellbox is still under development but could be just the thing for the Dropbox user who wants a simple ecommerce solution.

Sellfy Digital Store Offers Affiliate Program

Sellfy is a low cost digital storefront that has no setup fees and charges a 5% transaction fee. Currently free accounts include unlimited products and storage with individual files up to 2GB.

Sellfy is developing such expected features as mobile checkout but are differentiating themselves with a built-in affiliate program. Though I don't think affiliate programs are ultimately great for fans, at least not in the context of the States, they can sometimes be an enticement to blog and website owners, especially for special deals or bundles.

CEO Maris Dagis recently described future plans including "building different tools, like coupon codes, which are launching very soon, and different types of campaigns to help merchants sell their products." They also plan to offer customizations options to tie into customers' pre-existing websites and eventually expand beyond digital goods to physical products.


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch) maintains a business writing hub at Flux Research and blogs at Crowdfunding For Musicians. To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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  1. Clyde,
    Thanks for the post!
    I just wanted to mention Sellfy’s social discount feature that works great for our merchants, especially musicians.
    This feature allows to set any discount for the product (even give it away for free) if buyer recommends this product via Facebook or Twitter. This way musicians can distribute their content virally where everyone who wants to get access to some exclusive content recommends the artist to their friends.

  2. The future plans that will help the users to popularize their products seem interesting, as of now, the design and the set up is very simple, and plain. A little polishing in the interface,and adding on some more features can do wonders.

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