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The Fan Experience – TEDx Talk [Video]

TedxliveWhen people go to concerts, they are expecting an experience. As a musician, you should try to make listening to your music an experience. There are various ways to experience music – offline and online. On Music Think Tank, Leena Sowambur talks about the music industry and the fan experience in a TEDx Talk. Check out the video here.

“We want to connect with each other in an increasingly significant manner – in ways that are more meaningful than perhaps our locality.”

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  1. Disagree… TEDx likes their talks to be conceptual – the strap line is “ideas worth spreading.” The idea at the end about music being a connection technology is pretty inspiring to me. I thought this was well prepared and well delivered.

  2. Hi, Natalie and Hypebot – thanks so much for featuring my TEDx talk! Natalie does an amazing job and both Natalie and Hypebot are so kind and supportive.
    Best Wishes

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