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Sick Of Chris Brown? Block Him With The Chris Brownout Browser Plugin

Chris-brown-tattooFrom the folks that brought you NickelBlock, now you can block Chris Brown, a man hated more for his seeming embrace of his abusive past than for his music. AUX TV, a Canadian music channel, created the Chris Brownout browser extension because they say they're tired of hearing about Brown. It's a nice marketing move that also draws on the skills of the creators of Shaved Bieber.

Why do people hate Chris Brown? It's not just his music which, like all popular music, draws both worship and scorn from music lovers. It's also his attack on Rihanna that seems to have inspired a rather disturbing neck tattoo.  Now it's once again open season for Chris Brown haters.

But whatever your reason for hating Mr. Brown, you can now reduce his presence on the web with the Chris Brownout Chrome browser extension. Yeah, you've got to use Chrome but this might be reason enough to check it out if you're not already doing so. Described as a "Chrome extension to scrub Chris Brown from the internet. Permanently.", the free browser plugin is the project of AUX TV.

AUX online producer Sam Sutherland stated:

"It is nearly impossible to go on the internet without reading something about him, he is always doing something outrageously moronic…If he wants to get a tattoo on his neck that kinda looks like Rihanna we are going to write about it. But at some point, it reaches Chris Brown idiocy saturation."

The Chris Brownout browser plugin places a solid blue or black box over images of Chris Brown and a similar bar through mentions of his name. I'm betting this will actually increase web traffic to sites mentioning Brown because that's the only way you can truly enjoy it.

But Toronto-based AUX TV is not just hating on Americans. They got their start with this innovative marketing approach with the NickelBlock plugin which basically did the same thing to the presence of Nickelback, one of Canada's most popular exports to love/hate.

Both projects relied on the technical expertise of Free Art & Technology, aka F.A.T.. who are also responsible for the Justin Bieber blocking plugin Shaved Bieber.

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