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How Much Money Should You Aim To Make From Music? And How Much CAN You Make?

How Much Money Can You Make From MusicSo how much money can you make from music? Shaun Letang has posted a chapter from his book, ‘The Independent Musician’s Survival Guide’, that
covers the different levels of making money from music. It is possible
to make a living as a musician. Check out Shaun’s post on Music Think
for a realistic view of what is achievable.    

a musician, once you know you want to make a career out of your talent,
this is generally the first stage you will go through. You need to
invest in your music career if you want it to take off, and you need to invest wisely.”

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  1. i like free, but if i have already invested over a million dollars, then i should start loving free. im not in this for only money, but i might as well not let it kill me to the poor house, u kno?

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