Indie Lyrics Videos: Sarah Solovay, Premise Beach, Megan Redmond And Dreama

Lyric-pic-carl-milnerAfter my recent post about lyrics videos I heard from a number of artists and video creators about their work. I was impressed by the quality and creativity of the videos below and picked out those that struck me as the most outstanding. If you've got a lyrics video of your own, please do post a link in the comments.

Sarah Solovay – My Favorite Mistake

I originally heard from one of Sarah Solovay's "people" back when I posted about Fiverr. She used Fiverr to find both graphic artists for her EP design and social media site art and a publicist to write her press release.

The above video was created by a designer she found through oDesk and he did quite a nice job.

Premise Beach – Hold Me Now

Premise Beach, aka Jon Covell, created the above music video for his song "Hold Me Now."

I found out about it via a tweet from his label Pure Casual who added this commentary:

"Budget = $0, Manhours = shitloads"

It's a good reminder of the cost of "free" when you're doing it yourself.

Megan Redmond – Dreamland

Gerome Delfino is a freelance designer who created the above video for Megan Redmond. He places his work in the context of kinetic typography and says he's been getting more interest in this kind of thing lately.

You can see more examples of his work with lyrics videos at his website.


Dreama sent me the above video for her single "CTRL+ALT+DEL."  In addition to writing the song, she directed the video and created it in collaboration with graphic designer Milos Nikolic.

Additional Lyrics Videos

I also heard from VEIL about their lyrics video for E-Sahka which is worth a look.

And from David J Caron who has a whole series of lyrics videos he created for his album "Thru Ever Ending Black" on YouTube.

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[Thumbnail of Lyric Picture House sign by Carl Milner.]

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  1. Great post Clyde! I love creative lyric videos and they can be be really great way to learn a motion graphics program!! I learned to use After Effects doing my lyric video for my song ‘I Love To Mingle’. It took me a ton of time, but from what I learned I’ve been able to do most of the visual FX and motion graphics on my subsequent videos myself – saving a lot of money and allowing me to control my creative vision! 🙂 DJP

  2. Cool article, very inspiring. This is something we’ve definitely been dabbling in. However ours are a bit simpler, not as many man hours (still about 10 hours) and by using iMovie was able to work with the means at hand without additional software cost. Options are hugely limited with iMovie but it got the job done and we kept it internal.
    Check it:

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