Musicians: Most of Your Videos Aren’t Viewed Completely

Zero-views-youtubeGuest post by Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder

Musicians… something to consider:

Here's a quote taken from the latest Lefsetz Letter

"Less than 7% of music videos watched online are watched to within 15 seconds of the end."

What's the takeaway? 

Grab the viewers attention within the first 10 seconds… and then keep it.

Don't lose them.

Add some WOW to your videos, right from the very start.

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  1. With today`s ADD attention span, that`s really not bad. If you are engaging your audience for even that long, if they sit through the first 2-4 minutes, you are still ahead.

  2. Wonderful article!!! Music is really a great enlightenment of life. It gives relax and mental satisfaction. I love to listened music and it gives pleasure. Everyday, I hear music at list 15 minuets for my satisfaction.
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  3. I’m always happy when I have figured out an interesting new album by a new artist by finding out about it through the names of the collaborators who play on it.
    And then I’m even happier when I can have a pre-listening session of full songs.
    And yes, I only keep streaming if the album is somewhat hard to get as a hardcopy because I use streaming only for pre-listening.

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