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TastemakerX Integrates Echo Nest For Realtime Marketplace Data

TastemakerxTastemakerX, where fantasy sports meets the
music industry
in the form of a social music discovery game, has added a new
layer to their platform by partnering with music intelligence platform The Echo
. The music monitoring company will now provide “dynamic music intelligence”
that allows gameplay to price and track artists based on real time trends,
popularity, fan acceleration, plays on the open web, and other factors –
creating a more realistic environment for players.

San Francisco-based TastemakerX operates like a
virtual stock market for bands. The game gives fans the ability to build
virtual portfolios of artists they love and believe in, while giving bands a
unique and perhaps more differentiated transparency into their fan base. Players
can “buy” young artists when they are just starting to release music and get points
for spotting them early. Players compete for a high individual influencer
scores called "Tscores". If they’d rather not compete amongst the
community, they can just use the platform to help discover artists or
like-minded people who are charting across the platform.

Users can tweet, post to Facebook, and add photos to their “investments” to make their experience more social. For instance, if you happened to see an artist live and posted a photo as evidence, you can later point to that early discovery once the artist’s stock rises in the wake of a successful release.

With this new Echo Nest integration, the game now
holds a reliable and massive data platform underneath that allows this virtual “stock
market” to reflect the real world, in real time. The Echo Nest's music data
now combines with the data TastemakerX generates within its own platform, so
players buy and sell shares that are current and further enhances the realism of
the marketplace.

TastemakerX is available now for iOS and the web
for free.

Hisham Dahud is a Senior Analyst for Additionally, he is the head of Business Development for Fame House and an independent musician. Follow him on Twitter: @HishamDahud

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