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Ticketing News: Open Sources, Picatic Crowdfunds, Eventbrite x Apple's Passbook

Artfully-logoTicketing continues its wave of innovation as online services expand their features and make disruptive moves. Fractured Atlas recently open sourced their nonprofit-oriented ticketing, donations and contacts platform Picatic is now offering a crowdfunding feature called EventTilt to test for event demand. And Eventbrite is helping mainstream mobile ticketing by signing on to Apple's new Passbook service. Open Source Edition

Nonprofit arts service organization Fractured Atlas recently announced the open source edition of, their ticketing, donations and contacts platform. Open Source Edition is free to download though obviously it requires tech support which is rarely free and often problematic when handled by volunteers. You can check out the development roadmap to see current features and those that are on the way.

If you're running a venue, whether or not it's for profit or nonprofit, the open source version is worth a look. For one-off events and for those who don't want to handle tech issues in-house going with Artfully's hosted version or any of the myriad ticketing services now available is probably the way to go.

Picatic Adds EventTilt Crowdfunding Feature

Online ticketing service Picatic now offers event crowdfunding as an option called EventTilt. It basically functions as a presales feature that can be used to assess demand before going into regular presales ticketing mode. If early demand is not there, initial presales are refunded.

Given that ticketing is part of the package, EventTilt reveals the "potential for ticketing services who already handle events, especially those with strong brands and an established two sided market, to get into the music concert crowdfunding space and squeeze out niche operators."

Eventbrite Expands Mobile Ticketing with Apple's Passbook

Apple's new iOS6 mobile operating system includes a mobile ticketing and coupon feature called Passbook that can now be accessed by mobile apps such as those of Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Fandango.

Now Eventbrite's getting in on the action and expects to have Passbook capabilities by the end of the month.

As GigaOM's Erica Ogg points out, if Apple's Passbook does a solid job with mobile ticketing, it could be instrumental in mainstreaming this development that moves beyond paper ticketing.

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