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Upward Spiral Podcast #10: Interview w/Incubus Manager Steve Rennie, Advice For Bands, And More

6a00d83451b36c69e2017c31cdb916970b-800wi (1)This very special episode marks the tenth episode of the Upward Spiral podcast and contains an interview with Steve Rennie, long-time manager of the band Incubus. Steve shares his insights on how bands can succeed today and discusses his new web series of artist-advice videos, "Renman Music & Business". Plus, the group discuss recent news about Amanda Palmer, Trent Reznor, Lyor Cohen, and a lot more.

The Upward Spiral is a podcast about the new music industry featuring Kyle Bylin (Live Nation Labs), music industry consultant Jason Spitz (Former Director of Marketing at Topspin), and Hypebot's Hisham Dahud (also of Fame House). Along with special guests, the group discusses current events and issues that face artists & music professionals.

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  1. Very good show, I learned many things, got confirmation about others I had the feeling about… and moreover I feel less lonely ! It really helps to have music business professionals talking about facts that I experience on my own. Good, really good !
    May I just make a little comment ? It’s a very good to use the “comment line” from SoundCloud. Maybe you can use it even more by being more precise on the titles you’re giving to the different parts. It can be useful when we want to go back let say, “what did they say about Trent Reznor?”.
    Thanks again. Simone

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