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3 Critical Reasons Why a Facebook Profile Can’t Replace a Fan Page

at Cyber PR, many musicians are asking them why a Facebook fan page is
needed. These musicians have personal profiles with hundreds of friends,
but a Facebook fan page can be more beneficial. One of the major
reasons to have a Facebook fan page is for the analytics which give you
insights on your fans. For more, check out Jon Ostrow’s post on Music
Think Tank
. What are your reasons for using a Facebook fan page?

“Using Facebook insights through the fan page is like turning the lights on and putting your target 5 feet in front of you.” (Read On)

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  1. Odd, I can’t seem to post on the Music Think Tank page. I think this article’s title is very misleading. It only talks about the differences between a Facebook fan page and a facebook personal account and the title should reflect that more than it does.
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  2. How about you clowns just post the article here so I don’t have to go to another site?

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