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A Look Inside The Incredible D.I.Y. Hustle Of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis [VIDEO]

image from post by  documentary filmmaker Jabari Johnson. His latest project looks at d.i.y. Hip-Hop artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, whose "The Heist" just debut at #2.

I always check Hypebot to see what's going on in within the music industry landscape and I know it's helped a lot of DIY musicians over the years. As a documentary filmmaker I'm always looking for who to cover, who is next, and most importantly who is making amazing music that has a story worth telling. I've known Macklemore for a few years now and when I first heard "The Versus EP" him and Ryan Lewis put out a years ago I became an instant fan.

We linked up, shot some interview footage (unreleased), and I have been closely following their career ever since. They have an incredible DIY hustle, and define what it means to be an artist in my eyes. They don't compromise what they create because they create everything.


image from
Jabari Johnson
The story in the film really showcases how these guys have done so much with so little and my Jabari Presents series is all about inspiring youth culture to chase their dreams. I want people to feel inspired from this short film but I also want people to realize how much Macklemore and Ryan care about their music. They put their everything into every aspect of their musical experience from songs, to merchandise, album art, videos, and any little thing in between.


Their album "The Heist" is amazing and this is just the beginning for these two. Check their music out at and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Jabari Presents films every month.