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EpicEDM To Launch As Twitter-Only Electronic Dance Music Publication

Epicedm-logoEpicEDM is a recently announced Twitter-only electronic dance music publication from Believe Entertainment Group that is set to launch later this year. A product of the company that produced "The LeBrons" series on YouTube, EpicEDM appears at a time when a variety of forces are entering EDM media including Seth Goldstein's DJZ. EpicEDM's focus on Twitter as a publishing platform should help set them apart even as newer players enter the field.

Last week Believe Entertainment Group announced their plans to launch EpicEDM, a Twitter-based publication featuring content related to electronic dance music, in late 2012:

"EpicEDM will be the inside source for all things EDM, from the artists and tours to the world’s most exclusive nightclubs and biggest music festivals. The new series will live at @EpicEDM along with a range of new content providing 24/7 EDM insider access."

This content will include:

"weekly in-studio video updates and exclusive artist interviews with some of the biggest DJs and producers in the world, access to pre and post-events, contests and ticket giveaways, daily news Tweets, video blogs, photos and more."

As Believe Entertainment Group co-founder Dan Goodman told The Hollywood Reporter's Eriq Gardner:

"This is a conscious shift from using Twitter as a promotional platform to having Twitter just be the platform…If there is a way to integrate video and social onto the actual delivery platform, it's a huge win long-term."

The move takes advantage of the ability to post videos, SoundCloud files and photos, including directly uploaded pics, on Twitter for publication in expanded tweets. In addition, EpicEDM is said to be planning direct video uploads and other more exclusive options:

"In preparing for the launch, BE Group has been working with Twitter on new video- and promotional- tools the service has just rolled out or will be releasing soon. Goodman credits Twitter with helping the studio with suggestions on the best way in delivering video to its users."

Believe Entertainment Group has experience with short form content on social media platforms. And their description of Twitter publishing is quite similar to what someone might do on a lightweight blogging platform emphasizing multimedia files over text. So this isn't totally new terrain. But the commitment to a Twitter-based publication should give EpicEDM unique appeal as new forms of electronic dance music media emerge.

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