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Flyer Lizard: Create & Distribute Digital Gig Posters

Flyer-lizard-logoFlyer Lizard offers a straightforward free service for creating digital flyers and gig posters, distributing them through social media and downloading them as PDFs for printing. Flyer Lizard also provides a dedicated page that can include SoundCloud embeds. Though not a game changer, Flyer Lizard looks like a useful marketing tool for bands.

Flyer Lizard offers a starting point for creating gig posters and beginning the distribution process though it has the potential to do much more.

The options are fairly simple with a template for event name and information. Images can be uploaded for the background and QR codes can be added. The final poster is downloadable as a PDF which allows for printing.

The dedicated page displays the image and SoundCloud can be included in the sidebar. Social media sharing options include Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  It's a simple but effective concept.

The Image Editor photo editing feature is an embed of Sumo Paint that also offers an iPad app. In addition, Flyer Lizard offers custom design.

If Flyer Lizard developed a public calendar of gig posters and also made their posters downloadable as JPGs, I think they could become a hub for digital gig poster creation and distribution. As it stands they're worth checking out for quick gig posters personalized with your own photos.

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