Monetizing Music Videos: Vimeo, VideofyMe, YouTube

Videofyme-logoThough not all video monetization platforms are designed with musicians in mind, there are ways to benefit from many current programs from YouTube and Vimeo to VideofyMe. If you're capable of creating an ongoing stream of content from music videos to behind-the-scenes footage then you might find such programs worth pursuing. Currently the business of video is in a very open ended moment with lots of possibility ahead for content creators.

Introducing Vimeo Tip Jar and More Creator Services

Vimeo recently introduced its Vimeo Creator Services with a focus on the Tip Jar. But activating micropayments is just the beginning.

They are also developing a Pay-To-View service "giving video creators of all types flexible tools to charge for access to your videos, with no coding required."

DailyMotion is also said to be upping its MotionMaker creators program.

Monetizing Music Videos with VideofyMe

Many programs for grassroots video professionals such as YouTube's Creator Hub were designed for video personalities, talking heads and oddball content.

However a more professional looking possiblity is VideofyMe a Swedish video platform designed to monetize videos.
More background is available from The Next Web.

CD Baby's YouTube Guide for Musicians

YouTube does have a Creator Playbook to help those who make videos in their Creator program.

But did you know CD Baby recently announced the release of The Ultimate YouTube Guide For Musicians? It's a free guide with lots of tips on making money from videos on YouTube.

Bonus: Translate your YouTube captions and reach a broader audience.

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  1. This is great news for all great creatives with amazing videos on Vimeo! It will be interesting to see how the pay-to-view is presented to the buyers and how flexible the solution is. We see there are quite some limitations already for Tipping: no embed, Paypal only, see their FAQs http://vimeo.com/help/faq/tip_jar
    It seems many other video or content platforms tried to launch their own pay system, yet often they realize this is not their core business and then look for other best in class components to integrate.
    Actually, for those who cannot wait until 2013 to sell videos pay-to-view, Vimeans can try Cleeng. Takes 2 minutes to protect a video: http://cleeng.com/us/s/sell-online-video Pick your service and start selling!

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