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MTV Centralizes Hip Hop Content At MTV Jams

Mtv-hip-hopThis week MTV announced the creation of a hip hop hub for their diverse programming across channels. Taking the name MTV Jams from their digital cable channel, a consolidating web presence will be launched October 22. In addition to gathering already existing hip hop programming, MTV Jams will include new content from music video premieres to live performances.

MTV Jams is said to be launching at which currently redirects to a temporary catchall. is also appearing in press communications but that appears to be owned by someone else and available via Go Daddy Auctions.

It's unfortunate that a landing page wasn't already in place so that linking issues would be more readily clarified and direct links would spread from there. But perhaps such difficulties point to the need for an identifiable hip hop hub at MTV especially given that they produce quite a bit of hip hop content across channels.

In addition to continuing the 24 hour digital cable channel and having a web home for hip hop content, the effort will include new hip hop-related content of all types and the relaunch of "Sucker Free Countdown" as "The Week in Jams" on MTV2 beginning October 28. The new show will:

"incorporate everything that falls under the hip hop psychograph from music, fashion, gear, sports and more, as well as a place to discover new artists and engage with established hip hop artists."

Look for more appearances from such figures as Sway Calloway, DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Sofi Green who are described as a "hip hop dream team" that will hold court on The Week in Jams. The show will also be rebroadcast at MTV Jams.

A special "Hip Hop Homecoming" marathon is taking place Saturday, October 13 with Sway and crew celebrating the premier of The Week in Jams, presumably on MTV2. More on The Week in Jams.

News reports mention both Buzzworthy and RapFix but it's unclear how such properties as MTV Hive, which regularly covers hip hop, will be affected.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing “centralized” LMAO!! In other words lets protect the general public from the garbage poisonous content while sending the black people to one place to soak it up in one big scoop!!


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