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Music Marketing With Embeddable Media Using ThingLink, Cinemagram & Twitter

Tattoo-embedMarketing music and musicians has obviously changed quite a bit with social media from blogs to social networks. One of the great options now available for such marketing is the ability to embed content on web sites and social networks that encourages both fans and media to spread the word. The three recent examples of music marketing with embeddable media below feature ThinkLink for augmented pics, Cinemagram for animated gifs and Twitter for enhanced tweets.

'stache media x ThingLink

Music marketing agency 'stache media has a ThingLink page featuring a variety of interactive images of artists they promote. Many of the pics are fairly similar with links to social media sites, the artist's website and iTunes.

'stache media's Ava Ryerson discusses their use of ThingLink including what kind of content engages fans and their biggest success to date.

Hip Hop Artists on Cinemagram

Complex recently featured 20 musicians you should follow via gif-creation and sharing app Cinemagram. The app recently saw an upsurge in users and seems like an easy way to create some lightweight entertaining content that could go viral.

Indaba Music x Twitter

Twitter now has more than 2000 partners who are using Twitter Cards to include content with their tweets. Indaba Music recently joined the crowd. Tweets containing links to music on Indaba's site will now include a mini-music player with the song.

[Thumbnail image courtesy deejaymarlon.]

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