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Music Tech Startup News: h1tchr, Mirrorgram, Timbre, Shoutomatic

MirrorgramThis edition of Music Tech Startup News features such interesting projects as h1tchr's liner note app for Spotify and Boreta's Mirrorgram photo app made in partnership with StageBloc. In addition, Timbre raised a bunch of money at last week's FutureM Shark Tank in Boston for its local concert discovery app and Shoutomatic added short URLs featuring "Shouts" en route to Web destinations.

h1tchr Adds Liner Notes to Spotify

h1tchr is a "new company founded by musician and music producer David Pattillo," according to Paul Sawers writing for The Next Web. Their first effort is a Spotify app that creates what Sawers describes as liner notes for singles that display the related album and artist info drawing on Wikipedia and Discogs.

It looks like a good start for a company that is said to have other products on the way.

Boreta + StageBloc = Mirrorgram

Earlier this month The Glitch Mob's Boreta and Stagebloc released Mirrorgram, an iOS photo app that creates mirrored images. Previously covered at Hypebot, StageBloc already had a strong relationship with The Glitch Mob whose site is a StageBloc site.

Mirrorgram is based on Boreta's longstanding interest in such images. According to a Mirrorgram announcement, Boreta brought the project to StageBloc for a collaborative effort that also included designer Surya Buchwald.

Timbre Receives $350,000 in Funding

Timbre, a local concert discovery app previously reviewed at Hypebot, last week received $350,000 in funding. That's great news for Timbre but the story is especially interesting because they won it at FutureM Shark Tank, an event at Boston's FutureM conference.

Also being referred to as Angel Shark Tank, the pitch event was initially expected to raise $100,000 in total for all participants but the investors were so impressed they put up $442,000, most of it going to Timbre.

Shoutomatic Adds Short Url Shouts

ShoutOmatic, a service previously reviewed at Hypebot, creates voice status updates that are spread on social media. They recently added an interesting feature that creates short URLs to Web destinations. When one clicks on the URL, one hears a "Shout" before heading to the chosen spot.

Interesting idea, with some similarities to, though either one would drive me up the wall.

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