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Social Media Tool Updates: Twitter, Followgram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest x Vimeo, RebelMouse, SoundCloud

Social-media-birdA variety of tweaks and updates to social media services are worth noting for musicians and music marketers. Twitter has new profile options so be sure to update your profile. Followgram enhances Instagram as Facebook expands Promoted Posts. And Reddit continues to develop as a music-friendly community.


Twitter updates their profile options so you need to update your profile.

Twitter announces embeddable timelines while sidebar widgets fail across the web.

Bonus: Not seeing all your @ mentions in Twitter clients?


Followgram is a web app designed to enhance Instagram. It also creates follow buttons for your Instagram account for use on blogs and websites. (Via Musformation.)


A recent uproar about unexpected information appearing in Facebook timelines prompted this guide to removing all your old Facebook wall posts.

Now you can market to your friends with Facebook's Promoted Posts.


Radio Reddit is one way some musicians reach the Reddit community. Direct posts by artists are another.

Pinterest x Vimeo

Pinterest recently enabled Vimeo video pins just like YouTube videos.


Here are 5 Tips for Setting Up Your RebelMouse Page.


SoundCloud teaches you to create, connect and collaborate using SoundCloud Groups. (Via Musformation.)

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