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Taylor Swift Keeps New Release Off Rhapsody, Streamer Launches #WheresTaylor Campaign

image from You won't hear Taylor Swift's new album "Red" on Rhapsody because, according to the paid music streamer,  the singer and her management "made a decision not to make her new album available to Rhapsody’s million-plus subscribers for several months". It's not the first time a release has been withheld from music streamers. But Garrett Kamps, Rhapsody's Sr. Director of Content Programming knows that "hundreds of thousands of subscribers" listen to Swift on Rhapsody, so they've launched a campaign to force Swift to stream the album.

Kamps is asking Rhapsody users to "post and Tweet and comment... (and) let Taylor know how much it would mean to all of us to have her latest on Rhapsody". Subscribers are urged to use the hash tag #wherestaylor.

Most who keep releases off music streaming services believe they'll make more money if fans buy the song or album. But Kamps sees it differently. "We pay rights holders for every stream. This means that if you’re still streaming Red a year or even five years from now, the money’s still flowing down the, er, stream," says Kamps. "Doesn’t it seem fair that artists get paid each time you play their song, every time you play their song, rather than a single time when you pay a buck for it?"