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The Fan Guru Offers Alternate Route To Radio, Now Seeking Artists To Sponsor

Fan-guru-logoThe Fan Guru is a recently launched startup designed to help musicians get on the radio. What they're basically doing is using ad buys to feature music in a form that fits the station's programming rather than sounding like an ad. It's an interesting approach and they're seeking artists to sponsor with applications due by November 10th.

The Fan Guru, under the direction of founder and CEO Erik Sanchez, screens and selects submitted music, develops the presentation and gets it on-air at the radio stations you choose. Selected music will combine the qualities of "likability", as determined by a small sample of listeners, and hit potential, as determined by the scoreAhit web app.

In an email, Sanchez explained:

- we make sure the song excerpt fits seamlessly in with the station's song programming
- we can offer up to 2 minutes of continuous airplay in some areas
- this kind of programming is preferable to most ads (by listeners and the program directors/coordinators)

It's not a cheap solution but it can be a way of focusing on any region from a specific area to a nation-wide campaign. Prices will vary but Sanchez shared the example pricing for single plays of the spot:

Atlanta - $15
Los Angeles - $45
Dallas - $50
Orlando - $65
Miami - $180
New York City - $250

To help artists manage expenses, The Fan Guru is integrating Crowdtilt to provide a crowdfunding option.

The basic spot includes both the music and info directing listeners to an online artist profile. For those who choose to maintain this profile at The Fan Guru, visitor stats will be available.

The Fan Guru is currently seeking a handful of artists that they will sponsor as examples of what their service can do. This is a great opportunity for musicians who are ready to take advantage of radio promotion.

If you're interested in being one of the sponsored artists, go to the application form and in the section "What radio station(s) are you interested in?" write "SPONSOR ME".

You've got till November 10th to apply.

Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (Twitter/ blogs about music crowdfunding at Crowdfunding For Musicians (@CrowdfundingM). To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.